Jamaican Breeze Sports Bar & Grill specializes in Jamaican cuisine wrapped in a tropical, sports-filled, inviting atmosphere where families are always welcomed. Jamaican Breeze offers the authentic, “chilled and laid back” environment of the beautiful island people while offering real food with amazing flavors.

From Jamaica to Indianapolis, Indiana

Whether in the real life, behind-the-scenes world, or on the touristy trails, Jamaica’s beauty inspires a plethora of thoughts, feelings and emotions. This little island is smaller than the state of Indiana, and yet, it too grows some of the worlds greatest.  (We grew...

What Makes the Best Jamaican Food?

That's a great question. Let's talk about what makes the best Jamaican food. If you’re lucky enough to make the decision to head to Jamaican Breeze Bar & Grill, you’re in for a huge culinary surprise. Because the island of Jamaica is bursting with flavorful food...

The Top 10 Items of Jamaican Pride (In our opinion)

It goes without saying that the country of Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places on earth, full of treasures. Jamaica has its own stereotypes and people usually know us by the way we talk, eat and dress. Yeah mon. (smile) We hope that you enjoy some of the...

How Did Cricket Become So Popular in Jamaica?

At one point in time Jamaica was once a British colony. British Colony from 1707 until 1962, when it became independent. Jamaica became a Crown colony in 1866. The sport of Cricket started in England, and the English absolutely love and played the sport and...

Hours of Operation

Monday: 11am – *8pm (or end of game)
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 11am – 8pm
Thursday: 11am – *8pm (or end of game)
Friday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – *8pm (or end of game)

*We will stay open until the end of most big sporting events.  Have a question?  Contact us.

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