The Jamaican Grand Market

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The Jamaican Grand Market


Also known as the “Gran’ Market” this special event happens across Jamaica in all major towns on Christmas Eve. It is quite the energetic and colorful place to be then, allowing folks to purchase last minute gifts or to find items that are only available at the Gran’ Market. The event generally starts in the morning and lasts all day, but many folks head out at 6:00 pm and the market becomes quite busy. Not only are there vendors in stores offering special sales, but there are also vendors along the sidewalks. 

What Can You Buy at the Grand Market? 

You can find all kinds of things that you might find in a holiday market – Christmas decorations, toys, clothing, household items, etc. Many items are only available during the Grand Market – and they’re imported from around the world. 

A Christmas Tradition

The Grand Market was also held on the morning of Christmas Day. Children would wake up early and with their parents put on new clothes to head down to the Christmas Market. There would be a ferry to Port Royal families would ride or they would attend a morning concert. 

An Entertainment Destination

Nowadays, there is still a lot of music and entertainment at the Grand Market. Many of the stores and shopping centers have sound systems set up and there are street dancers that carry on through into Christmas Day. Bouncy castles and Santa Clause can also be found around the Gran’ Market. 

Celebrate All Night Long

While the Gran’ Market is open all day, the party really begins with sundown. Many will go and party all night, and then attend the Church Service Christmas Day Morning before the end of the market. Others will go to Grand Market and then attend Midnight Mass. Even children get in on the all-night celebration. 

Lots of Decorations and a Festive Atmosphere

Not only are there sidewalk vendors and are the stores all decked out, but houses, stalls, and streets are also brightly colored. Attendees can purchase jerk chicken, candy canes, boiled corn, and more. While all the towns across Jamaica hold Grand Market, the one in Kingston is the largest.