Jamaica Carnival

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Jamaica Carnival

Origin of Jamaica Carnival

Modern Carnival is said to have begun in Trinidad and Tobago in the 18th century and quickly spread to other Caribbean countries, including Jamaica. However, unlike most islands, Carnival in Jamaica takes its course after to season of Lent. These events kick off during April, with the major events held in the latter part of the month. 

Events in Jamaica around Carnival

There are a lot of events that were held during the period of the Carnival. These include boat rides and street and club parties, with some being regular and some all-inclusive (food, drinks, and admission). 

“Everybody take a jump, take a jump, take a jump up now

Start to wave, start to wave, start to wave up now

Start to wine, start to wine, start to wine up now

Because, it’s Carnival” – Destra Garcia

This song is usually blazing during the main event, “The Road March”. The Road March is generally on the Sunday after Easter. Parading through the largest city in Jamaica, Kingston, you’ll find people from “all walks of life” gyrating to soca/calypso and other genres of music. After the march, there is usually a big party to close off the festive celebrations. 

There are sets of people who attended the events, Masquerader and Spectators. The masqueraders are a part of a band that showcases the band’s costumes. Spectators are people who enjoy the fun without costumes. 

Covid and Carnival

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, Carnival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 in Jamaica. However, since there is now a vaccine available, Jamaica will be hosting their Carnival events starting July 10 through to July 26, 2022. 

“Suh if yuh plan fi join d’ festivity; Mek sure yuh get enuff sleep suh yuh can enoy yuhself d’ propa way!”

– It is advised that if you want to enjoy the festivity, you should try and sleep between each event.