From Jamaica to Indianapolis, Indiana

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From Jamaica to Indianapolis, Indiana

From Jamaica to Indianapolis Flight

Whether in the real life, behind-the-scenes world, or on the touristy trails, Jamaica’s beauty inspires a plethora of thoughts, feelings and emotions. This little island is smaller than the state of Indiana, and yet, it too grows some of the worlds greatest.  (We grew Michael Jackson… They grew Bob Marley AND Usain Bolt – Kindred spirits in a sense.)



Jamaica is absolutely breathtaking.  From the beautiful and calming hues of blues in the surrounding waters, to the amazing, star-filled night skies and singing crickets. Ixnay the mosquitos, it’s the perfect place.

Gathering with family at grave site

Jamaicans are very community oriented, and family, whether immediate or extended, are integral parts of daily life.  Everyone dons a pet name that is given based on some physical attribute.  If they call you fatty, deal with it and just answer, “Wata gwaan” (meaning, What’s up?).  If they call you brownin’, you may lack a little sun exposure.  No problem, Mon!  If you hear some yelling and you think a brawl is getting ready to break out…relax.  It’s just a little Ludi or Dominoes going down or perhaps the neighbors are telling stories about the old days.


The wonderful thing about the USA is the diversity that can be found all around us today and throughout our history.  The Jamaican Breeze Sports Bar & Grill family is excited about the opportunity to capture the essence and spirit of Jamaica and serve it up to our Indianapolis community adding diversity to our culture.  We invite you to come and share in a true island, culinary experience that is sure to dazzle your palate.  Want to watch the game? We do to.  Join us. We would love to have you in our environment.